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Why my failure to launch was a huge success!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

On Saturday, September 26th, I was due to host my first launch event ‘The Awakened Woman’. This was super exciting for me, I had never done anything like this before. Leading up to the event I had put out my marketing material on Facebook, created an event and invited people, did Facebook lives, went out into the community and met some amazing women to co-create the event with. I had created the event outline, practiced my talking point. But with all my hard work, no one signed up.

About 5 days before the event with no registrants and not so much as an inquiry I realized that there was a possibility that the event wouldn’t happen. I felt a strong connection from the Universe telling me to be prepared, things may not go as expected. But along with this feeling of disappointment and frustration came reminders of all the amazing achievements I’d had; growing my network by connecting with some amazing women, I’ve gotten somewhat comfortable in front of a camera through doing Facebook lives, and I’ve got my name out there into the community letting people know what I’m all about.

Maybe the world didn’t need another success story. Maybe what the world needed was for someone to say “Hey I’m down here with you, let’s get back up together”. We spend so much of our time hiding our failure behind this facade of perfectionism it’s time to let that go. In life we’re going to fail, it’s bound to happen. And often times we hide our failure until we’ve had some glorious achievement to prove that our hard work wasn’t for nothing. But I can’t give you that. What I have for you is a promise that from this experience I will learn the lessons the Universe is offering me and I will get back up and try again. I am so proud of the accomplishments and the personal transformations that I’ve had to get to this point. So I’m not ashamed, embarrassed, or discouraged. This failure puts me one stepping stone closer to achieving my goal.

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