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The Unhealed Sister Wound

This week my energies seemed to be a bit off and I couldn’t figure out why, today while doing some energetic clearing while soaking in the bathtub, clarity reached me through the song “My Little Light” by Hymns of Spirit. As I sat there allowing the tears to flow, taking in all the words and holding them in my heart, I realized that a sister wound had been reopened.

Sister wounds are our generational wounds that are passed down from our grandmothers, to our mothers, and on to us. They are ways of being that were developed to help us survive in a world where woman had to rely on men. At some point throughout history these ways of being may have been useful for our survival but they no longer belong in this world today. A sister wound is that feeling of competition we as woman feel towards one another, it’s the cattiness and gossiping, it’s the tearing down of one another. It’s rooted in the ideals that we must present ourselves as the best option for any man, in the notion that there is only one seat for us at the table, the belief that there isn’t enough for everyone.

This wound was ever present these last few days; I found myself shrinking as some form of peace offering as if to let you know that I am not your competition but your ally, your friend, your supporter. This was unfair of me because these were projections of my past experiences, so please forgive me for handing you the knife that I used to reopen these wound and blaming you for my pain.

Please know that I am here rooting for you, rooting for you to get that degree, rooting for you to start that business, I’m rooting for you when you struggle to get out of bed, rooting for when you’re hiding away in the bathroom stealing just a moment of solitude, and rooting for you to find love.

Sister shine brightly and I will be here shining right next to you.

With love,


-Healing & Growing

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