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The Journey To Effortless Being

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

It took me a long time to get to this place. A place where I had let go of the idea of what I thought my life should look like and embrace the direction being laid out in front of me.

Holding onto the idea that the Universe has my back means that I am completely open to the journey knowing that along the way I will encounter obstacles. These obstacles aren’t some divine test to see if I am worth, or purposefully put in my way to trip me up. These obstacles, although challenging are there to exercise my spiritual muscles, my emotional muscles, my intuition, and my endurance.

When I see an obstacle I see it as an opportunity to grow and transform. I know on the other side it is another version of me. A stronger version, a more compassionate version, a version of me who is rooted in herself, a version of me who is even more deeply connected with her purpose.

I can’t express to you the amazing synchronicities that happen when you let go and trust. Those moments between the obstacles where everything falls into place, when life seems almost effortless.

My purpose is to help people find that place for themselves, so to help you on your journey I want to offer you some suggestion on how to thrive through these obstacles and to make it to this place of effortless being. I personally get super excited when I can merge science with my spirituality and my top two practices do just that.

1. Start a gratitude practice.. I want you to include the big thing and the little things, the things that are out of the ordinary, and the things that are ordinary that we normally overlook. Write down 3-5 things you are thankful for each day without repeating anything from the previous 5 days. Sit with each item and connect with why you are thankful for them. One of the effects of a gratitude practice is that your thoughts shift from seeking out the negative to seeing the possibilities.

2. Start a meditation/mindfulness practice. Connecting with the present moment helps to decrease stress and anxiety and promotes emotional health and self-awareness and these are only some of the benefits.

3. Dialogue with your higher power. Everyone’s spiritual journey is personal and who or what you consider to be your higher power whether it be God, the Universe, Source, or Self that is up to you but I would like to encourage you to connect with your higher power regularly. For some that may mean sitting in prayer and for other it could just be pondering out loud. These moments are opportunities for you to ask questions and seek guidance, they will not necessarily provide you with the answers. More often than not I find my answers in the possibilities and opportunities that are presented to me, this is why the gratitude practice is so important. If we are not open to seeing the possibilities we may never get our answers.

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