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The Awakened Woman

The journey of the awakened woman is a journey back to self. Before you were labeled too....too loud, too emotional, too intense. Before you were told that you were aggressive instead of assertive, bossy instead of a leader. It’s about connecting with that little girl inside, the one who is curious and full of dreams. The little girl who laughs when she wants to and cries when she needs to. The little girl who is unapologetic about who she is and how she shows up in this world. It’s about connecting with the woman you would have been had you never let that little girl go.

A few years back after I had made some positive life changes, one of which lead me on a path of regularly exercising and eating healthy. I had lost over 60lbs in the course of that year and I was so proud of myself. I remember taking regular selfies and posting them to social media with the hash tag beautifulme. One day someone close to me told me that I should stop posting so many selfies people would start to think I was self absorbed, vain. Here I was basking in the glory of my achievement, finally for the first time in my life deeply loving myself inside and out when someone comes along and tries to put their label on my experience and me.

On our journey as Awakened Woman we will find ourselves in these experiences time and again. But by deeply knowing ourselves we can move through these experiences with the understanding that who we are hasn’t changed. Knowing that someone else’s interpretation of our experiences doesn’t have to impact our story.

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